Monday, 5 January 2015

My Big Fat 50 Day Spending Ban

I know this is probably not the most original post and a lot of people are doing 100 days, but I already know that is waaaaayyyyy too long for me, besides in less than 100 days I have a rather big milestone Birthday coming up and I will want a new frock to wear at the very least.

So what do I mean by this shopping ban.

  1. No buying new clothes, handbags, make up shoes and so on.  Nope not even in the sale even a bargain counts, or a blog sale or e bay, nothing new will enter my wardrobe.
  2. To buy only essential beauty products - Well you can't expect me to a skank can you?  But I can only buy when something has run out and it must be something I actually use, if it does run out while I won't be using value stuff it doesn't have to be the best of the best and TBH I have such a horde or moisturiser, make up, bubbles etc. apart from toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo I can't see what I will run out of.
  3. To make a menu, then a list and stick to the bloody thing and not fill my basket with stuff I fancy in the supermarket.
  4. No runs to the corner shop next door for nonsense lunches cos I can't be bothered to make something.
  5. No takeaways, even with a discount code
  6. No running to the shop at work to buy penny sweets and bagettes.
  7. Keep a spending diary so I know where my money goes
Well wish me luck I know I am notoriously bad at stuff like this and this is going to start tomorrow after the fish and chips I intend to buy tonight.  I will update you in 10 days to let you know how it is going.

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