Friday, 2 January 2015

2015 Goals

I try not to do resolutions but I like to set Goals for the year, stuff I wanna do, places to go, where I want to be as a person.  So without further ado here is my list for 2015.

No diets
Sounds simple, but every so often something gets in my head, like people talking about cutting down or trying some new fad and I think it is habit as I spent about 20+ years of my life joining slimming clubs, doing crazy diets (Carol Vorderman I am looking at your detox one) I think it is sorta programmed in me, over the last year I have managed to let it pass through my mind and go again, so long may this continue.

To have a spend free few months.
Basically Christmas has wiped me financially but in the run up I also was a bit more spendy than usual indulging myself in little treats and clothes here and there and just putting things in my supermarket basket without thinking.  So for the next month or two there will be a menu and a shopping list, no take outs, taxis, clothes, make up and only buying things I actually need.
Within this I accept that we have moved back to our house and we need to do stuff to the place, so I accept I will have to spend money around this.

To go to a city or town I have never been to.

To focus on the good stuff.
I tend to dwell a bit on the bad stuff and all the good stuff in my life tends to get lost, so I am gonna try to reframe and think about the positive stuff.  Which leads me to my next goal.

To do a Rememberlutions or memory jar
Which is basically a jar you decorate  that you put all the nice things in like, compliments, good times etc. in.  This piece on Buzzfeed explains it better.  I know I should have done my jar all ready but life has been Christmasy so on my next full day off on Monday it will get done.

To read 24 books this Year.

To Blog more often.
I don't know how much more but I would like next years posts to exceed this years.

To be fucking fabulous at 40.
I turn 40 this year and I intend to embrace it with gusto, love it and celebrate it in style.

To take more photos

Get a Network Card.
As I often want to do stuff but the travel can make it expensive so I think this might help

And finally go back to Zumba.

I think that is plentiful for me on the goals.  Do you do goals or resolutions?  If you do or have done a post please share cos I am dead nosy.


  1. Happy New Year Vicky. Good luck with your goals. xx

    1. Happy New Year to you Leah, hope your feeling better soon xxx