Sunday, 18 January 2015

My Fabulous at Forty Wishlist

In case I hadn't mentioned it, I reach an important milestone this year I am Forty as weird as it seems to me as I hardly feel a day over 21 in my head.  I am hoping that The hub and I can go away for a little adventure, munching, shopping, drinking cocktails and building new fantastic memories.  Obs a girl needs clothes for such adventures and on my current spending ban I find myself lusting more and more over dresses and other friperies that I can't have, so I have compiled a little list where money is no object and I can have anything I bloody well like.

Firstly is this amazing (said in that annoying AM-MAY-ZING voice) dress from my old fave Get Cutie and is their Starlet dress, this dress is not cheap and is something I would really have to consider before buying. However, I really love the drape of the material and the shape which I think would look good on my figure.

The other beauty of a Get Cutie is you can choose the material it is made in.  At the moment I would either go with the wonderfully fun Dino print or the retro Caravan print.

I have never bought from this brand so I am not sure what they are like but I have come across a really lovely little retro brand specialising in 60's and 70;s dresses called Violet House.  I love retro styles but I do get a bit fed up of having to go with a 50's retro style as I love the 60's and the mod look, which is the kind of retro I would veer towards in my early 20's.  Although Violet House only do size 6 to 18 they do custom orders and I am loving this psychedelic print dress and the tartan one, although I might go a little longer.

I have always fancied a tulle skirt since the Sex and the City days and I love the one I have seen on Asos but it is only available in Black in plus sizes and I want something different to black or white.  This grey one from Elsie's Attic is beautiful and again although they only go to a size 18 they say they will do custom orders.  Again for me over £40.00 is a lot to spend on a skirt but I think I would wear it a lot.

I would probably team this with some beautiful silver shoes and a jumper or T shirt and I think these shoes from River Island at Asos would be lovely.

Anyway this is my wish list and maybe if my spending ban goes well at the end I can treat myself to something splendid which I will love forever.  What would you choose? Cos I can never decide.


  1. Me want them all too!!! xxxx

    1. It's bad gonna have to sell some stuff as I think I really want the Starlett but even when my spending ban is over it is a lot of £££ so will have to raise some funds somehow I think!

  2. I'm 40 too this year!!! I have birthday in July, when is yours? :) We should have a celebration together. I'm having a big party 2nd of August, so if you want to come, please let me know. You're more than welcome to. :) Great outfits too. :) xx

    1. Yeay that's me, you and Nikki, we are fat, forty and fab, we deffo should celebrate together, I will try and make your party on the 2nd that would be lovely xxx