Thursday, 20 February 2014

Swansea Shopping Haul

So as I said I went shopping yesterday, as it was in Swansea it was mainly a Primark Haul.  I was impressed with Primark there are loads of cool T-shirts at the moment, even though I am a bit miffed they had sold out of the Barbie T-shirts in my size, but there were loads of retro style T-shirts available and I would have loved more really especially the grey Nirvana T-shirt.

So my choices were the retro Jurassic Park T Shirt, the Bart Simpson T, which I would love to style with some Blackheart Creatives round earrings in pink or green saying WOW! The Ariel T shirt cos who doesn't love The Little Mermaid? and a black vest cos you can never have too many and I always lose them like other people lose socks.  The fit of these T shirts were good and quite roomy and I would say could fit up to a size 24.

A My little Pony sweatshirt a bargain at a tenner, not much to say apart from I can't wait to style that Bad Boy up!

I also hit the accessories and bought a couple of belts as I am trying to accessorise more and belts scare me a bit, and some blingtastic earrings.  Again there were loads of good and cheap accessories in there but as I had bought so many tops I thought I best go easy.  Although I had to pop into a fancy dress shop and saw retro pink cats eye sunnies and thought these are coming home with me, probably because I never got over wanting to be a Pink Lady.

Finally I went to Boots, cos this brown barnet has to go and I want/need a lipstick and have been lusitng after the matte balm Revlon ones.  Even though it said the hair and make up offer were different offers (the 3 for 2 was on) when I got to the counter they said I could have a third item free so I got a nice pastel green nail varnish as I don't have enough pastels.

So that was my haul. there was a lot of lovely stuff I did fall rather hard for a floral Kimono that was meant as a beach cover up, but alas it was too long for me to style with Jeans like I'd want to, but it might work for someone taller.

But that is it for now, I can't wait to do some outfit of the days using these clothes!

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