Monday, 17 February 2014

Flowers In The Pouring Rain

Initially this post was going to about daisy print, in the preview of Evan's new collection that was on The Arched Eyebrow there was a gorgeous daisy overlay over a zingy neon background, I don't know if this is ever going to make an appearance, but it hasn't yet and there are some very safe daisy prints on there. but gradually the daisy thing has proved a bit monochrome for me and I need colour to brighten up this grey Welsh winter, I am squelching my way through.

I also make no apologies for a lot of dresses, I am a 90's girl at heart and I spent a lot of my youth in DM's and flowery dresses, dying my hair with henna and trying to do a sorta  Riot Grrrl, hippie meets Tori Amos chic and I'm not sure I'm over it yet.

So my picks

Daisy Collar Skater Dress -AX Paris Curve on Simply Be £45.00
I love this dress and would probably wear it with tights and either flat or heeled Mary Jane Style Shoes and a satchel.

Lipstick Boutique Floral Panel Pencil Dress - Asos Curve £65.00
I have only just got into body con dresses recently as I was scared I would look too porky and bumpy.  The first time I wore anything at all like this was at Plus London and I found I like it, I'm still not brave enough to wear it without shapewear and I would probably style this in a classic way with seamed stockings and plain black heels.
Alice & You Floral Print Playsuit - Asos Curve £28.00
I think this would look great with either clunky school girl style shoes or DM's in the winter and sandals and bare legs in the summer.
Liz McClarnon Bikini - Simply Be £30.00
I am no fan of Atomic Kitten but of Liz McClarnon's swimwear collection with its daisies and flamingos, oh yes.   I am also trying to clear my next fashion hurdle the bikini and I could think of worse places to start than this really cute retro style daisy Bikini.

New Look Inspire Fringed Kimono -£22.99
I can imagine wafting around in some ballet flats and jeans like a fat Sienna or Kate and the kimono is another style I want to try as I have seen loads of blogger babes looking great in them.

Daisy Printed Doll Dress - Simply Be £49.00 
This is a very 90's style dress and I like it, they also do a bird print one in the same style that rocks too.
 Daisy Necklace - Boden £10.00
If full on floral isn't your thing then this necklace from Boden is really cute and a bit Boho/Hippie in style.

Woven Front Floral Print Sweat- Pink Clove £18.00
I think this is really wearable and would look good for my work with kids where practicality is the name of the game.
Asos Salon Dress with Floral Embellishment - Asos £59.50
I think this is really pretty and I love the bright blue, it is currently in the sale and most sizes are still available, I think there is a discount of 15% at checkout for sale stuff too.
Daisy (Sunshine) - Marc Jacobs £49.00 for 50mls
And if it is still too cold to even contemplate anything but Jeans and Jumpers in this rain sozzled winter maybe this beautiful bottle would perk up your dressing table.

So those are my picks are you a floral fan or is it just too girl for you?  Or have you seen/bought anything floral to brighten these grey wet days that never seen to end?

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