Friday, 14 February 2014

Cheese Burgers by the Sea!

As those who may read my blog may know I recently moved from my beloved Deal to Swansea to be with my Mama!  I can't pretend this has been easy and I have been terribly homesick for my home town, friends and all the other stuff, especially Chilli Sauce from the kebab shop, it just ain't the same here.

So when the cheese fest that is Fake That (think singing plumbers) I usually go to with my friends came up, me and the Hub had to go.  At first we looked for a cheap B n B but when we couldn't find one we rented a cute cottage as our base.

I cannot rate The Mermaids Folly highly enough, very homely with touches of its owners Clive and Stephen throughout the place, comfy beds, cool pictures, but perhaps a bit too much to break!

Rumpled by me but so comfy

The Hub is very proud of the kitchen!

I fell in love with these pictures, printed on dictionary pages

So apart from hanging out in the cottage we spent time with our friends talking and catching up, going out for lunches at delicious spots such as The Greedy Cow in Margate, if you ever get to Margate do check it out it is in the Old Town (avoid any other part really) and serves amazing burgers and brownies.  The Burgers are homemade and juicy without being greasy, served with cheeses such as brie and Stilton, and topped with meats such as salt beef which is thin and crispy, Bacon or black pudding.  I had a salt beef and stilton, The Hub Stilton and Bacon and Jen had a Brie Burger.  There is also toppings such as a Gherkin, Beetroot and pickle I'm fussy so don't have these but Jen and the Hub assured me they were delish!  The Brownies on that day were Ginger, Raisin and Original, sadly my beloved peanut butter or Salted Caramel were not on, so I got a traditional for at home which was rich and fudgy.

Yummo Burger at The Greedy Cow.

Apart from eating we partied, drank too much and there were props involved and all in all we had a fab time!!!

Drinks taste better with Cocktail Umbrellas - Fact!

My Lovely friend Jen!

In case your mildly curious about the outfit I am wearing:

The dress is Vampire Bunnies
Pink Cardie is Very Old Primark
Pink Feathers - Poundland

I think if you like traditional seasides, quirky shops, a arty vibe and pretty buildings you could do worse than visit my home town of Deal.  Any way here's a few pics unfortunately none of the beach due to the weather and a terrible hangover!
View towards the high street

Middle Street Fish and Chips - The best chippie ever

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