Sunday, 16 February 2014

OOTD - Cosmic Girl

I love a print, I have prints of Gnomes, Care Bears, Wizard of Oz, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Alexander Henry's Fishing Girls, so when I saw one of my favourtite brands Get Cutie were having a sale I couldn't resist a peek, as usually the cost of their dresses makes them a very special treat.  Unfortunately the Mexican Wrestler fabric dress I have been coveting for a while wasn't in my size but there was a very nice cosmic print dress in the Belle style in my size and frankly who could resist wearing the solar system.

Dress - Get Cutie Sale
Black Cardigan - Asda
Boots - Clarks
Satchel - Paul Frank via E bay
Hairband - Janine Basil
Now sorry for the awkward posing this is one of my first outfit of the day posts, where I have posed for the picture rather than the picture happening organically.

The dress has no sleeves and as it is still cold I have teamed it with a long black cardie from Asda, shapewear tights from Monsoon which claim to fit up to a size 28, but are a bit tight on me really at a short 20 -22, and my trusty Clarks boots.  The bag a Paul Frank satchel which was a pressie from my hubby and I love it as it is so shiny and has the cute Julius head on it.

As there is a high neckline I didn't bother with a necklace and teamed it with a Janine Basil Hairband with glittery blue stars that I just adore and wear as often as possible.

All in all I think this is kind of a funky science teacher look, although I failed science spectacularly, back in the day.


  1. That dress is all kinds of awesome xx

    1. Thank you! I have an addiction to Print dresses! I like this one as the neckline makes it wearable for day without too much boobage!

  2. Gorgous! x I love the dress. This is a fab outfit.

  3. You look lovely Vicky. I love the handbag and the dress. I love your sense of style. I love the new hair colour too although you looked stunning with the pink. :) xx

    1. Thank you, I miss my pink hair too but felt I needed to dye it for job interviews although I think it may make a reappearance sometime soon! The handbag is a goodie sometimes husbands do listen!!!!

  4. Love u Vicky your are so beautiful love the dress xxx