Thursday, 13 February 2014

A Controversial Cut

So the blogging world has been very excited about the cut from Evans for a while, I remember seeing some of it on  a while ago on a preview on the fabulous Bethany's blog thinking "hmmm not bad!"  However, the reaction has been full of other plus size ladies who are extremely concerned that it might not be flattering, In the words of one: "I'm genuinely concerned for women who don't know how to show off their figure and might end up buying things that don't suit them."

Now I have a few problems with this as fashion is meant to be fun isn't it?  What suits is subjective whilst my Hub may have thought I looked Smokin' in that Bettie Page dress, my dear old Mum thought it wasn't flattering, I didn't buy it and I regret that! and whilst no one wants to look a big old mess, why does it have to be flattering!  Sometimes clothes from Top Shop on their website might not be flattering but never do I hear as much trilling and concern of "oooohhhhhhh it might not be flattering."

So my thoughts on The Cut, it is certainly bold with cool prints and at first look I thought: "Oh it might not be for me!"  and my initial fave was the abstract cardie, probably the safest piece.

However, then I started to think the knitted skirt could be very cool with a wide belt and a T of some kind.

I think the Jumpsuit is really edgy, with a funky print and a body con look, it is definitely brave!  Maybe a bit brave for me, but I applaud Evans for giving the Plus size woman options, beyond a safe tunic!  Or a skater dress (I'm not dissing the Skater Dress, I love them and would do a lot for The Pink Clove Tartan one, if anyone has one they don't want??????)

And finally my favourite, although at first I thought oh a tunic in a very loud print, I now realise this is a really lovely fashion forward body con number with a slight A line and some nice detailing.  Although I must say the pic of it alone doesn't do it justice, and for those nay sayers who say: "Oh but she's a model of course it looks good on her" I have seen pics on people on the web and it also looks great on them.


So my verdict for those who care at nothing coming in at over £50.00 this is an affordable, fun, funky and fashionable range and if I can make some money on E bay that yellow dress is coming home with me soon!

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