Saturday, 22 February 2014

Fat Punk Rock Pixie

I have a low threshold for boredom with my hair, I think I have been every colour pretty much either deliberately or accidentally except green!  Recently I have been playing with candy colours or sweet wrapper vivids of pink and purple, but then I lost my terrible Call Centre job, so was on a job hunt so thought it would be best to have "normal" coloured hair, I hated it I felt middle aged and boring!  At the same time I was trying to grow my hair from a crop but the last cut had been a bit of a disaster with the hairdresser not going with the way my hair falls so it never fell right.

So I toyed with the idea of Ariel orange but my heart was yearning for the cupcake pinks, so as I was having trouble deciding I did a poll of my Facebook friends who unanimously went for candy colours and one Mr Steve Glamoore suggested this:

What can I say, I was hooked I love a pastel pixie, so I got on the phone and booked my hair in Swansea at a place called Boosh in Picton Arcade, with a lovely bloke called Nic.  He listened to what I said didn't try and dissuade me from colouring my own hair and this is the end result.

So this was the haircut please excuse the bitch face I still struggle with having my photo taken a lot.  I really like it but I also know styling will be fun if I am to avoid looking a bit to butch for my taste.

I then raided Boots and Blue Banana for the necessary dyes.

So from Boots I got the Bleach London Violet, The Big Pink and a white toner and from Blue Banana I got a Violet directions and the directions bleach at 30% and a crazy colour in Lilac, which the girl behind the counter said came out the same colour as what I wanted.  Finally I bought a white conditioner from Savers to water dyes down if I went with a home mix option.  I know this seems a lot but candy colours often need topping up and like I said I get bored easily.

So after enlisting the husband with the bleaching I was about the colour of a spring chick, then I used the white toner and I have to say I was quietly impressed by this and it got my hair from the yellow to this:

God awful picture but I think you'll agree cream not yellow

Then against my better judgement I used the Crazy Colour Lilac.  Now I have never been a big fan of Crazy Colour I find the colours wash out, can be patchy and aren't particularly true, but the girl said her friend had used this and it had come out as the colour on the original picture.  So on it went and despite having some reservations about how blue it looked on my head I persevered and here was the final result.

Although it looks purpleish here it was decidedly more blue tinged, so I waited overnight and then I mixed a concoction of the Bleach London, I quite like the Bleach London products and find they are on par with the Directions dyes, but there is one thing the lovely milk bottle design of the bottle makes it impossible to use all the dye which is annoying.  To try and achieve a better colour I used the Big Pink and white VO5 conditioner popped it on and waited.........

Ta Dah the final result!

Although it is no where near the lovely blondey lilac tones of the first pic, I think I needed to use less dye more conditioner to achieve that I am quite happy and think I look like a bit of a Punk Rock Pixie with it and think with some washing it will get there!  


  1. I love it! I was googling around looking for just this very thing. Thanks, love!

    1. Thanks my main recommendation in colour is avoid Crazy Colour dye!