Monday, 1 December 2014

Anime, Hollywood Undead, and London Fun

So this weekends frivolities have been mainly brought by my favourite nieces 18th Birthday and a indulgent Auntie and Uncle trip to London as she wanted to see Hollywood Undead, I know meant nothing to me either!  Her other plans were a bimble round our fair capital looking for Manga/Anime stuff.

The first day involved The Diner, I have now conceded that a burger, shake and fries to share is too much for this girl.  I feel unreasonably sad as I want all the food all the time.  I din't get any pics but incase your interested I had a DCB which is a buttermilk fried chicken breast with blue cheese and usually coleslaw but I replaced it with Guacamole, it was a burgasm!  I also had the Colnel Parker which is a Peanut butter and bourbon milkshake, there were also chilli cheese fries involved which I was told was too much and had to admit defeat on.

Then we did Forbidden Planet and on to Chinatown.  My first stop was the Chinatown Market I love this shop which is just on the borders of Chinatown it is full of stalls.  My favourite is probably Qu'tse which sells jewelry and Hello Kitty memorabilia, my purchase was a cool pair of sparkly burger earrings.  This stall was popular with the niece and her friend as it had K Pop posters which they spent ages carefully choosing.  However I was quite taken with these K-pop socks and now regret not getting a pair.

I enjoyed posing as Hello Kitty Twee, and have to say regret not buying these bad boys as I think my life may have been better for them.

Also in there was a shop selling Korean cosmetics, I tried to take some pictures but the stall holder wasn't happy but I had already taken 1 of the facepacks as there was a Transformers facepack! Come on whose life wouldn't be better for that?  However, I got a super nut one which has moisturising properties.  What I will say is they weren't cheap at £3.99 a facepack and the creams I looked at were about £39.00 so if you do like South Korean cosemetics and skincare it is cheaper I'd say to do a Meme box. Across the road there was another shop selling Korean cosmetics but I didn't get pics and I think everyone wanted to move on but I am seriously regretting not getting the Hello Kitty facewash and some Manga style lashes.

 I then spied one of the Paddingtons that are currently dotted all over London - This one is the Lloyd Webber one and probably looks far more handsome than the Lord to me.  Although decidedly more feline than bear I'd say.

Then we did a walk through chinatown which is always magical to me and a quick stop off for cake.  As I can never resist these cute cakes and the weird icing is sooo good on them.

There may have been a cyber candy run involved and I may have posed like it was my job in Leicester square,

In case anyone is wondering about my outfit I am wearing my favourite Flamingo dress from Uncommon Nonsense, Coat from Tesco (they don't seem to have it online but maybe in store?) and you may be able to see the outline of my fabulous Fat Bitch Earrings from Blackheart Creatives.

Day two involved getting up late the plan was to do Tokyo Toys and Camden but I'm sorry to say we didn't get to Camden as we all wanted a chill before heading to the gig in Brixton.
 For the day I wore a old Vampire Bunnies Star Trek dress ( I am not sure this print is still available but this is similar, also you will note the sizes run out at 18 but Ellie does custom orders and is great at sourcing fabric) I love the retro Nimoy and Shatner on it, I am not going to apologise that I am wearing the same coat as I was away from home and travelling light and frankly in my opinion there are few outfits that cannot be improved by a splash of the old Leopard (But I did idolise Bet Lynch as a kid so............)  and I also unashamedly wore the same boots all weekend which were a studded black pair from Simply Be that in honesty are the stuff of dreams as they are both stylish and really comfy, this was their first outing and i can cheerfully report no blisters or rubbing!  There is no decent pic of them but you can have a butchers here.

As I said we headed to Tokyo Toys in the The Troccodero Centre which is not somewhere I usually go it is at the bottom of a arcade stuffed with crap London Gift Shops.   It specialises is anime merchandise and the niece and pal were as happy as me in a fine dress shop spending over an hour in there and the shop next door buying posters and T shirts.  I bought a cute list book in the shop next door and a pen.

The shop was full of keyrings too and disturbingly stocks these mouse pads that they implore customers not to squeeze. Where well the boobies are your wrist rest.  No repetitive strain jokes here!

We then stopped for a reluctant picture break with the Cath Kidstonesque mini London Bus. (see the poster bags)

And I spotted another Paddington so had to share him.

We then headed back to get ready to see Hollywood Undead at Brixton Academy, which is a band I'm not that familiar with but are a rap/rock band that made me think Linkin Park but true fans are probably yelling at this comparison.

I wore for this my Zombie Unicorn Hell Bunny dress that I have wanted for ages but has only recently come in plus sizes, thank you Hell Bunny.  Oh and I would like to thank Wonderbra for the uplift as after reading a review of the ultimate Strapless Bra on Cardiffornia Gurl  I needed to try it out as I needed a new one, and can report the girls were perky and supported throughout the night.

 The photo is rubbish so I will try and wear this dress again soon and get some better pics and there is a gratuitous pic of the stage just cos I think Brixton is one of the most beautiful venues ever for gigs.

Then Sunday came and it was time to drop Fee and friend back to the station at Kings Cross we had a look at the Potter shop but it was in my opinion hideously expensive and the queue for the the 9 3/4 trolley was waaaaayyyyyy too long.

My plans to go for dim sum and soup in Chinatown evaporated in exhaustion and I have to say we headed back.  Apart from the Cyber Candy haul there wasn't loads I bought but in case you cannot live without knowing here it is.  I am the Green Mushroom keyring and Ed is the red, he bought the Rosario and Vampire Graphic Novel from Tokyo Toys and if you look closely you can spy my burger earrings.

So that was my weekend it was fab, tiring and I am lucky to have such a cool niece and her rather fabulous if camera shy friend, The Hub was also fun too.  However I think the rest of the day maybe devoted to the art of lounging, light tidying and perhaps some Christmas decorating.


  1. All in all it sounds like a fantastic weekend! I love your Star Trek dress. I too grew up with Bet Lynch as one of my first style icons. :) xx

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