Monday, 1 December 2014

Festive Fancies

Well if my old friend December hasn't sneaked up with it's festive cheer that somehow brightens the bright grey skies of winter, with all the twinkles and glitter stopping me from feeling like jumping into bed and not coming out till it is somehow more cheerful.

In the past I have eschewed the festive jumper, I remember my Mum buying me one in the 80's that I shunned thinking: "My god has she lost her freakin mind" that was hideously camp with a family putting up a tree embellished with beads for baubles and tinsel and little bits of gold material and ribbon to make the pressies, it was a festive monster that promtly went into my wardrobe unworn to fester in the back till a cull some years later.  Now I would kill to own it and love a bit of the old festive frippery and as the tree goes up here is the pick of my my fancies.

There was a time for me that the festive season meant some glittery diamante now I have to say I am all about the novelty.

The studs would be perfect for work as I can't do danglies there and are a bargaintastic £6.00 at accessorize.

I am seriously in love with the gold and red pressie from Blackheart Creatives at £18.00.

Obviously as a dog lover I am a pug fan and am quite charmed by these Xmas Pug earrings at a friendly £5.87 from Dolly Cool, they would be a perfect pressie for a pug lover.

Finally Hubster if your reading I think I need this Xmas Pud necklace I'm not sure if I can  feel festive without it.  Again this is from £15.00 from Blackheart Creatives.

Finally I am a sucker for the festive jumper as it is a easy way to feel festive and comfy at the same time.

The top two jumpers are from Tipsy Elves and whilst I love the jumpers the first reminding me a bit of the Jesus is my Homeboy T shirts of days gone by and the second of my Dad who I used to say looked a bit like a garden Gnome as he was short and beardy.  However at £38.00 if I am honest it is a lot to pay for a jumper with such a limited wear time each year.  Also not too sure on sizing so I would probably go mens to be certain that it would fit.

The second are more wallet friendly and are both again from Yours clothing they are cute rather than edgy but I really like both and either would be a welcome edition to my winter wardrobe.  Rudolph is £24.00 and the penguin one is £26.00.

Finally if anyone wants to spoil me or I want to spoil myself I could go all out with a Christmas Dress.

The dress with the Xmas beefcake is from Silly Old Seadog and at £95.00 it is a investment piece but refreshingly Silly Old Sea Dog do go up to a size 28 on this dress.

The second dress is from a favourite of mine Vampire Bunnies in the shop it only goes to a 18 but I know that Ellie does custom orders for a little more, this dress is £45.00.

So that is my festive round up what is making your heart sing Christmas Carols this year?

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