Sunday, 14 December 2014

#You Are Fab

How are you feeling?  I have felt better and whilst laying in my pit of pain I have been indulging and reading blogs and came across this fabulous gem of a idea from Slink Magazine and the blogger Kate London-James to combat the rather revolting day designated by a most charmless sounding bloke called Steve Miller who has decided the 7th of January should be tell a friend they are fat day, just in case they were blissfully unaware.  Their idea is to spread some positivity and Tell a Friend they are fab instead.

So on the 7th expect some little love bombs from me and maybe a list of my most fabest on here, cos quite frankly in the most depressing month of the year which has I believe the highest suicides, who needs to be giving people mean spirited comments disguised as concern.

Because all shape bodies can be good and what people do with them is their concern not their friends and quite frankly from personal experience I don't want to hate my body and battle with it and wait to reach some kind of ideal to start living life - so this January I will be dedicating it to living my life with gusto and telling all my fabulous and inspiring friends how fab they are to try and combat all the body shaming that goes on in January.

To read about the campaign in a more eloquent manner read here

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