Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Book Review - Sirens Blood and the Brine

A bit of a disclaimer, the writer of this book is a friend of mine.  However that is not why I am featuring it - honest, I am a bit awestruck cos it's actually really good.

The Siren Chronicles  - Blood and Brine by E.M. McGuiness is set in the Outer Hebrides on an island called Glamisdoon it is explores the legend of the Sirens (think Mermaids but not your pretty little sea girls, these are more gnarly and fierce and a bit kick ass) and the Selks harder to explain but think people who have seal skins and if they are returned they go to sea, in fact most of the creatures in this long for the sea.  This world is explored and explained through the eyes of Morgan Bonnie who is a Siren and trying to understand what is happening on Glamisdoon, along the way people guide her but are they friend or foe?

Sirens also explores the duality of love/lust and there are definitely 2 main love interests Henry Jones and Jim the Viking, although I think by the end of the book Morgan has made her choice although I'm not sure it won't waver.  There are a lot of different plot themes and two time lines which somehow link with Morgan and the end of the book leaves some plots still on going, leaving me wanting to read the next book to see what happens.

I think fans of young adult Fantasy fiction will definitely enjoy these books, but this is no Twilight as in my opinion it is much better written and the female lead is not a total sap who makes me want to shake her.  So if you enjoy these types of books I think it is well worth a read.

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