Wednesday, 10 December 2014

My Big Fat Christmas Lust List

Let's face it who doesn't have a lust list, the things we'd buy if money was no option and there were no bills to pay like ever again and Christmas brings this list to the front of mind and a choir of naughty little angels sing buy it, fuck it, buy it over and over again in my head.  However, good sense usually prevails so I give you the Big Fat Christmas Lust List, most of these items will never be mine but it don't stop my little heart wanting them and maybe if I'm a good girl The Hub will get me some or I might crack and get a couple of things.

I missed out on the Mermaid dress last year, now Claire Richards is taunting me with the green sequin dress but at £95.00 I can't really justify it for a dress which I'll probably only wear about twice.
Find it here

I am really into retro packaging and the smell of cherry blossom so this should be perfect and is reasonable at £12.99, this may well be a treat for me.

I have been back in my beloved house a few months following my Swansea adventure, it is nowhere near being how I want it to look as it is magnolia to the max, has some damp that we are trying to cure and I am waiting for the carpenter to do some jobs.  But I am lusting after this  Lapin and me lamp pretty damn hard but it is more of a I will think about it purchase as for me £65.00 is a lot for a lamp, and I would need somewhere perfect to put it.

Everyone knows I love a print.  However, nearly all my dresses flare and now I am feeling a bit brave I am thinking I would love to try a pencil one and this one that comes made to measure from Little Wicked would be perfect, especially as you can choose your neckline and sleeves and the print, but all I can say perfection like that doesn't come cheap but it is only comparable if not cheaper than brands like Get Cutie.  If not for Christmas maybe be the big Birthday that is fast approaching!

I love this bag from Vendula they do a huge selection of different shops, but I love the lingerie shop and the detail involved in even having the peep show at the back.  I really want this bag and I keep going back to it, so maybe?

I have heard great things about Limecrime and I love their packaging (purple with a unicorn, I defy you not to love that)  this Candy future lipstick Contessa Fluorescent  is totally doing it for me and it is animal testing free and suitable for vegans so I don't have to feel guilty!

So that is a highly edited lust list as who am I kidding I want all the stuff all the time and maybe if I am a good girl some of it might just be mine.


  1. Loving all your picks! I have the sequin dress and it's pretty special :) BRB just going to stare lovingly at your limecrime picture haha xx

    Lucie xx
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    1. I cracked and bought the Limecrime as a Christmas present to me! Shame I am full of cold and my lips are scabby, oh my glamourous life! The dress I keep looking at on Simply Be it is reduced by £40 quid, I saw you in the dress you looked bitchin BTW